Video Marketing Stats that Prove You’re Missing Out

Suppose you still have not added video marketing to your business’s future marketing and communications plans. In that case, it is more than a guarantee that you are missing out on the most significant market trend.

Video is rapidly increasing customer and viewers engagement, search engine and online visibility and the rate of social sharing, the impact of email marketing, and companies‘ views perception.

Video marketing is coming on par with the course in everything from basic digital signs to almost everything out-of-home ads on social networking.

Suppose you are a person that is not using video marketing in their work life. In that case, all of these video marketing stats will show you why you should be including them in your company and avoid failing to use this powerful medium for your growth.

Some Video Marketing Statistics to Look at

  1. A brain is a potent tool a person can have, and it can process a video more than 60,000 times faster than a standard text.
  2. When people retain about 95 % of the content that is from a video, they can only absorb 10 % of the same information from a text.
  3. This year, the global internet traffic from people watching videos has reached up to 80 % of the consumer-based online crowd.
  4. Almost one-third of people online watch YouTube videos daily
  5. There are 50 % of people who watch a video on the internet every day.
  6. When it comes to deciding on any product or service, almost every 9 out of 10 people end up consuming say that video helps them with their choice.
  7. Marketing leads costs to drop by 19 % for all those businesses that use video marketing.

Internet Users Enjoy Video Content Everywhere.

The more of more video content gets watched now than ever before. Almost 85 % of all the internet users worldwide watch online video content every month on any of their preferred devices.

There are 25 to 35 years old who watch videos on the internet the most, with almost 40 % more males watching videos than females.

55 % of People Watch Videos Online Every Day

Videos are almost the most consumed type of online content format today. Viewers want their videos over any other format like text and static, and graphics.

If your business is only communicating through those fewer desirable mediums, therefore, your messages may not be getting through to your viewers.

WhatsApp Video Marketing

WhatsApp messaging application was created for Smartphone handlers. The application is the leading instant messaging application of this decade. It also gives you the most simple, easy, free audio and video calling features with perfectly safe secure messaging applications worldwide. Therefore, here are the most exciting statistics and facts about WhatsApp:

  1. More than 58 % of the users access WhatsApp daily
  2. More than 55 million video calls are made through the application only
  3. Almost 50 % of all the Indian people used WhatsApp video calls when you compared it to other countries
  4. WhatsApp helps almost everyone connect globally
  5. It allows videos sharing very easy
  6. Over 3 billion minutes of video content streams over the application every day.

Mobile Video Statistics

  1. More than half of all the video content people consumed watching on a mobile phone.
  2. You also notice that mobile makes sharing video content incredibly very easy, with 92 % of people doing it every day
  3. Mobile phone video content consumers have reached 175 million with the age group of 18 – 24 years old who are now watching 36 minutes of video content on their phones every week.
  4. In Instagram, 41 % of online marketers use video marketing, out of which three quarters find it the most effective strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Many companies use video marketing, and they enjoy 41 % more web traffic from searches when you compare them to companies that do not use video marketing. Plus, if you want to jump your way up on your SEO rankings, adding videos to your site will increase your chances of getting on the front page of the Google search engine’s search results 50 times faster.

Some businesses that prefer to use video marketing reported that they had seen at least a 76 % increase in their traffic if they created a video liked by the people who watched it for the first time.

People and Customers like Video Content

The demand for video content is not getting limited to just entertainment industries. The video formats extend to brands and cooperate world, where the studies have shown that 54 % of the people want to see more video content from their favorite brands and businesses.

Industry influencers can be proactive and create various types of video content to meet the rising demand. The video content is getting higher and higher in the market, particularly as people pay more attention to the contents of the video.

The Number Of Hours People Like To Spend Watching Videos On Social Media Is Increasing 60 % Every Year.

If you think about it, thousands of people live on social media for video content right now. Social media releases data that shows that the amount of time a person spends watching videos online is growing faster than ever before in time. That means more people are watching videos online for a more extended period than before.

62 % of Viewers More Likely To Have a Negative Opinion towards a Brand When They Post a Poor-Quality Video

The benefit of the video can be many; they can be powerful only when the video turns out to be good. When you add a video to your website, do not think that is enough to make the desired lists. You have to make sure that you have a high-quality video in your hands for posting.

Ending Note

Video marketing is the present of marketing and the future for online marketing. Viewers around the world are coming more towards the video content. Then, there are the simple facts that people would rather watch a video rather than reading or listening; therefore, if you could match the dots and combine all the dots, you would see who video content is ruling over the internet and marketing world.

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